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We provide an Annual Retainer Contract service for HR and Employment Law Support for Business. There are many such services in the market place, but many do not live up to their sales pitch, and do not deliver on service. Some tie company’s in for lengthy contracts, or sell you services which you don’t need, based on the actual requirement of your business.

We can provide you with clear, practical and commercial advice for your employment and HR problems. You will have access to a specialist employment solicitor whenever you need advice.

Andrew Egan Employment lawyer with an Annual Retainer Service

For a fixed annual fee you will get generally unlimited advice and support from an expert employment law solicitor whenever you need it. You are not tied in for any lengthy period, and you just need to inform us before the 12 months are up or you can let the contract roll over and give us three months’ notice to bring it to an end.

You only pay for the support that you need. We can tailor your employment support to suit your budget, whether a big business needing expert help or a small start-up needing basic assistance.

We can provide sensible, practical advice for your business, without avoiding a problem or ‘sitting on the fence’ when it comes to making a decision.  If you have not complied with the law, we will let you know but look to find a practical solution that works for you. We want to work with you so that we properly understand you, your business, your staff and the way you work, to act in your best interests.

We like to develop an ongoing relationship with you and your business, and we can advise you on practical solutions based on our experience.  We tell you what you can do, not what you cannot do. We can also provide you with up-to-date template letters and policies, and guidance whenever you need them and we will help tailor these to your needs.

square icon - redundancy solicitors The Benefits for your Business

  • You will have a dedicated, specialist employment solicitor as your key contact.
  • It is a fixed fee, so you know in advance what you’ll pay for the year and you can pay by monthly or quarterly instalments if you want to.
  • We will carry out a preliminary review of your employment contracts, handbook, and policies, and update these to ensure they conform to the law and best practice.
  • You can contact us for advice, guidance and documents for all your day to day employment law issues including misconduct, poor performance, sickness and incapacity, standard redundancies, grievance and disciplinary issues.
  • We’ll save you time by providing draft documents to you when you need them.
  • Reviews and updates as the law changes, to make sure your practices are up-to-date.

If you would like further information on our annual retainer service please contact us now on 01635 890560 or Email Us

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