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Speak to an Employment Law Solicitor and get legal advice from an Expert. Andrew Egan has worked in the Wantage area for over 20 years advising employees on redundancy, disciplinary, grievance and employment contract problems.

Andrew has advised small and medium sized businesses at Boston House on the Grove Business Park, and has dealt with employees and companies working in the motor vehicle, motor racing, beverage and food packaging, telecommunications, and pharmaceutical industries. He advises not only employees but also employers, so he understands both parties’ point of view in their approach to workplace relations.

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"I would definitely recommend Andrew, he is very approachable and will help you through every step of the process, using his experience to ask the questions of your employer which you may not think of, but are still important they are covered. Should I be in a similar situation I wouldn’t hesitate to call him."

Kelly Thomas, Wantage

If you're an Employer in Wantage

We use our knowledge and expertise to help you achieve the best outcome for your business.

  • Employment Contracts

  • Staff Handbooks/Manuals

  • Directors Service Contracts

  • Director/Senior exec. Disputes

  • Disciplinary and Grievances

  • Restructure and Redundancy

  • TUPE and Business transfers

  • Employment Tribunal representation

  • Confidentiality and Restraints of trade

If you're an Employee in Wantage

We use our knowledge and expertise to help you achieve the best outcome for you.

  • Redundancy

  • Unfair and Wrongful Dismissal

  • Settlement Agreements

  • Discrimination – sex, race, age etc.

  • Bullying and Harassment

  • Transfer of employment – TUPE

  • Directors disputes

  • Employment Tribunal claims

  • Sickness and Disability

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Did you know there are strict time limits to make a claim. The table below shows some examples.

Please call us to discuss your matter before you run out of time.

Type of Claim Legislation Time Limit Required length of service

Unfair Dismissal

Section 94 Employment Rights Act (“ERA”) 3 calendar months from effective date of termination less one day 2 years

Written reasons for dismissal

Section 92 ERA 3 calendar months from effective date of termination less one day 1 year

Statutory Redundancy Payment

Section 135 ERA 6 months from the relevant date 2 years

Discrimination and Equal Pay

Equality Act 2010 3 months starting with the date of the act to which the complaint relates None

Right to annual leave

Regulation 13 Working Time Regulations (“WTR”) 3 months from date when right should have been permitted (or, if leave extended over more than one day, date when right should have been permitted to begin) None

Unlawful Deduction of Wages

Part II, ERA 1996 3 months from the date of the last deduction or last payment to employer None

Itemised Pay Statement

Sections 8 to 12, ERA 1996 3 months starting with the date on which employment ceased None

National Minimum Wage

National Minimum Wage Act 1998 (“NMWA”) As applicable, depending on the claim None

Written statement of particulars of employment

Section 1, ERA 1996 3 months starting with date on which employment ceased. One month

Breach of contract claim by employee

Article 3, Employment Tribunals Extension of Jurisdiction (England and Wales) Order 1994 Section 5, Limitation Act 1980 In the ET: 3 months starting with the effective date of termination (EDT) or if no EDT the last day on which the employee worked; None

"I can highly recommend Andrew and his company. He has been extremely helpful, and effective, sorting out the terms and conditions of my redundancy. Very empathetic and thoughtful approach. Much appreciated."

Lesley Plumb, Wantage

square icon - Wantage redundancy solicitors Frequently Asked Questions

Some of our commonly asked questions from customers:


square icon - redundancy solicitors We need to make some people redundant. Is it advisable to establish a formal redundancy procedure, and if so, what should it cover?

Yes, you must follow fair and reasonable procedures to cover a number of points, If not you risk an unfair dismissal claim.

Settlement Agreements

square icon - redundancy solicitors When might an employer use a settlement agreement?

Are there any risks involved? They can be used in many situations of redundancy for example, or for an underperforming or misbehaving employee. There are risks that the employee may not accept the Agreement, or that there is nothing has been raised by the employer previously about redundancy conduct or performance.

Employment Contracts

square icon - redundancy solicitors What does the written statement of terms and conditions need to cover?

The name of the employee and the business, job title, description and start date, details of any probationary period, location, hours and days of the week the worker is required to work and whether that can be varied and how, and more….All employers, regardless of size, also have to provide written details of disciplinary rules and procedures.

Home Working

square icon - redundancy solicitors If we ask some people to work from home, do we have to offer them a new employment contract?

No, although normally it would be advisable to do so, unless such a change is covered in the wording of the employment contract.

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