Large Scale, Mass Redundancies

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If your business is downsizing, closing a branch or depot or other workplace, or s contemplating making large numbers of redundancies, we can help make the process as efficient as possible. Specifically we can advise the Board or the HR team on the law, commercial strategy and best practice when consulting collectively.

In addition, we can ensure that your business is protected if you wanted to make enhanced payments to staff or to shorten the process through the use of Settlement Agreements.

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square icon - redundancy solicitors What are your options for large scale redundancies?

The business may want to agree to shorten the otherwise lengthy consultation procedure, or agreed to pay enhanced redundancy payments as part of the consultation process.

We may be able to assist your company by advising the affected employees. it is a legal requirement that employees take advice on a Settlement Agreement from an independent legal adviser, which can significantly speed up the process and reduce the costs if some or all of the employees use the same legal adviser firm.

square icon - redundancy solicitors How we can help

We have the resources and experience to advise large numbers of employees from the same company on Settlement agreements, within a short timescale. 

Over the last five years, we have successfully carried out a number of projects advising a large number of employees on Settlement Agreements in the care sector, motor vehicle industry, mobile telecommunications, pharmaceuticals and food and Beveridge industries in England and Wales.

To achieve this we have developed an efficient and streamlined process to ensure that we can advise employees across the UK in tight time frames, whilst providing excellent client service. We are happy to carry out meetings over the telephone or in person. We have also carried out similar projects with on site visits to advise employees.

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